How To Remove Webmaster Crawl Errors Using 301 Redirect

Ankit Singh (Dev)
3 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
How To Remove Webmaster Crawl Errors Using 301 Redirect

Any kind of Errors in a webmaster tools feels like horror and we immediately thinking about our site ranking. There are multiple types of errors you sometimes found in your google webmaster tools like DNS errors, server connectivity errors, robots.txt fetch error and crawl errors. Actually the main thing which google thinks in website ranking is not error in your webmaster tools, if your site errors doesn’t defect users experience than its ok, but if your site errors making users unhappy then its a big problem and you didn’t know when google drop your site in search ranking.

Understood 301 Redirects

With 301 redirect let you change your web page url without editing their structure. Meaning is simple, the url of your website or website page is redirect to another page with the help of 301 redirect. It is most important think for search engine also,  let us suppose your web page is already ranking in first page of google but now you have to change url of a page is ranking on first page so in this condition when you change url structure it disappear from first page and its a totally loss of visitors that’s why we use 301 redirect to tell search engine that the url is not broken, its redirect to new url.

You may easily learn this topic in google support also.

If you want to change your website domain without affecting your ranking you may easily redirect the website url ex. ( to ( with the help of .htaccess file in your server.

Quick understand about .htaccess file

This file is used by web servers running apace server software. Now .htaccess file is most important thing in removal of crawl errors from your webmaster tools. As i defines above about 301 redirect, is place in your .htaccess file and as you save the file the url goes redirect. Its a quick process of redirection of 404 error pages to another page or home page without telling users its a error.

Google webmaster tools – URLs errors by platforms

Its a modern feature of webmaster tools let you see from which platform your url errors are coming. With this feature in your webmaster tools you may easily fastly fix errors urls without wasting your time in searching 404 pages.

Desktop – When googlebot  accessed your web page in desktop platform and if found error then your crawl errors section desktop filled with a link.

Smartphone – Googlebot for smartphones fill your smartphone errors urls in smartphone section of crawl errors.

Feature phone – Googlebot-mobile test your web page in mobile and if 404 error then its goes to Feature phone section.

Android Applications – If you are developer android apps site and getting crawl errors in webmaster tools you may easily fix with 301 redirection. For android apps errors see more here.

Fix & Remove URLs errors from your webmaster tools


Now its time to fix you crawl errors appearing in webmaster tools. In some places you always want to fix crawl errors for ex. adsense, When you open your adsense home page google give tips about revenue optimization and one of them is crawl errors so as it is crawl errors it matter in some places not in search ranking.

      • Open your webmaster tools and note down web pages links which are error
      • Open your web server directory (Tip – Use FTP client and avoid time waste)
      • Search file “.htaccess” > Edit the file
      • Now you have to enter error url then after new url in redirection format, See below

Place all error urls in .htaccess file >


Save the file and open your webmaster tools again in browser > Crawl > Crawl errors > Select all Urls > Click Marked as fixed.


Now your errors fixed but still there errors counting is appear, this may be fixed in 24 hours or below. Don’t tense just forget about this problem.

You may also use redirection plugin for wordpress, it is in the list of wordpress SEO plugins.

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