How to Recover/Repair Corrupted Office Files(Excel, Word) Data For Free

Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
How to Recover/Repair Corrupted Office Files(Excel, Word) Data For Free

The reason behind Excel and Word document corruption is much like: Virus infection, Invalid Experiment over workbook, Edit and Save workbook using third party software and more. By talking to some folks on the Internet, I found Excel documents always sounds very important files than others, and this is a workbook which mostly goes corrupt without any reason. Excel contains large information, like a database, and also you can say that larger Excel files is the cause why those are corrupted usually. You found in many MS Word documents, there are not so much formatting like Excel workbook, that’s why Word files corrupt lesser than Excel. Like a password protected PDF, you can also make your office files protected with a password, so no one can easily modify and save office files without your permission.

Microsoft Excel(.xlxs, .xls) Data Recovery


Repairing the same file, and recovering data from a excel file both are different methods but you only want your data back, nothing else. Here i have an excel workbook which is corrupted, but the office still open the file and the data is showing like hell. If your corrupted workbook is still opening in office like above snapshot, then you can easily repair/fix the file in an official way.

To Repair/fix Corrupted Excel Workbook:

(Method 1) – Officially, Microsoft gives an option in office that manually or automatically repair a Excel workbook in seconds. To do this follow:

  • Open MS Excel(use Start Menu or Desktop Shortcut)
  • Go to File> Open (CTRL+O)
  • Select your Corrupted workbook> Drop Open Button Menu> Select Open and Repair…open-and-repair-excel
  • Select Repair> Confirm

(Method 2) – Another good method, people tries to fix this problem is just save your workbook in different format like as a Web Page, XML and again you have to re-open your saved file in excel and you see your data is showing, but some of your formatting will lost. If your data successfully showing, you can now save that workbook as excel format instead of another format this time.

Recover data from a Corrupted Excel Workbook:

If the MS office cannot open your workbook, and showing a message like Excel cannot open the file or other, then you need to think about recovering data from the workbook maximum as possible. While recovering, it’s not guaranteed that your formatting will recover or not.

  • Open MS Excel 2010
  • Go to Excel Options (File> Options)
  • Now click on Trust Center> Trust Center Settings> Protected View
  • Uncheck all options> Ok
  • Now Restart Excel> Open> Select Corrupted Workbook (if not open , you can also select open and repair)

MS Word(.docx, .doc) Data Recovery


There are not so many complaints of Microsoft Word document corruption, but I have a file that goes corrupt and I don’t know how its corrupted. Similar to above excel method, you can also repair Word file officially, but if the official method doesn’t help more, I write the alternative method also, see below.

Repair/Recover Corrupted Word Document:

[Method 1] – For Method 1, I always suggest you to try the official Open and Repair option for your office documents and for Word, this option will also help to recover/repair your corrupted Word document.

[Method 2] – I found some tools/software on the web, than can really recover your corrupted Word documents, an easier way:

Tips to be safe from Corruption

Don’t forget this, if your file data is successfully recovered. Next time it will be a very strong corruption that none other methods can repair your workbook/document anymore. To avoid this corruption, you need to always keep in mind tips listed below:

  • Always create a backup while saving (When Save as Dialog Box Prompt, Click Tools> General Options> Backup)
  • Decrease Time of AutoRecover Information (Excel> Options> Save> Change Time of AutoRecover Information)
  • Make use of same Computer, when you’re going to recover data from an office file.
  • If you want to put files on a USB storage, so Don’t delete Document or Workbook from your computer (forget move/cut option during office documents)
  • Save your files in a cloud storage like – Google Drive. (Simply install Google Drive for PC, and now your documents are automatically synced to the cloud, and also exist in your computer storage)
  • Password Protect your Excel and Word Files, so no one can easily invalid modify your document.