Build Content Marketing Strategy Over Social Media

Ankit Singh (Dev)
3 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
Build Content Marketing Strategy Over Social Media

Content marketing is one the modern way to increase your sales/traffic/popularity/trust among humans without wasting time on SEO. The most common question of a new online business is how much time search engine takes to rank my site and improve my sales and you know Google not rank new sites rapidly in search that’s why for new business I suggest to make their content/product/services marketing through social media platform and make your business success even you launch your site 2 hours ago. There are some expensive benefits are also get with content marketing is when your content share between users your sales+backlinks automatically increase and you know social backlinks are counted in one high quality backlinks sources so why to leave this opportunity.

Did you know how many social networking sites currently active in the web? I know many of you Don’t know, But here its not matter. Actually, we target all social sites for marketing which have good PR and strong traffic that’s why we don’t waste time in low quality social networks which not really help for your content growth.

Note that paid promotion is one of the best methods for content marketing so for small business, we suggest you to take small campaign according to your budget.

Make a Separate Inspirational Landing Page

Let us suppose there are 3 steps( Social post impression > Click on post > Ready to buy your content ) distance found between a social media user and your landing page, ad campaign and a user as see your post he ready to go with your post and give a click over your social post now what’s remaining ? Yes ! A Perfect & Inspirational landing page that makes visitor eye freeze over content.

If your home page still perfect and attractive that win visitor heart rapidly, so you don’t need to make a landing page separately, but in future take once a try of landing page tip and see it’s working for you or not.

Another trick to get a visitor response rapidly over content is add input fields/plans top of the landing page so when a new user comes from social media try to fill fields without wasting our precious time.

The light weight landing page is also a good idea, but not always, work but you still try for once. Actually light weight web pages always good for the user experience, but if you have some heavy media or scripts then it depends on you.

Examples of landing page :




Prepare your Social post

Before starting content promotion its compulsory to focus your promotion method and social campaign format. Did you know why we wasting time in creating a perfect ad campaign? Actually, when we add an attractive image in ads campaign, we found the users click are increasing over 40% and the users of other industry once take little interest in a session.

Take an attractive image from stock

Yes ! It works 100%, Now its recommend for us. Take a attractive/female/animated image from online photo stock and see your results in a day. Make sure your photo should looks perfect in any screen so please pay attention before buy. Here are some following good online stocks choice of popular internet brands :

Your title & description should be medium in length

There are so many sponsored in social media who always write lengthy title & description field in every single campaign so when a user see the ad it not take interest anymore in reading what this ad is about? That’s why i always suggest others to write a medium length title & description so every platform user take little interest over your social post and at-least give 10 seconds for your post.

Don’t apply Hash tags to sponsored post

Hash tags are the way to get more impressions & clicks over your social post but this time you don’t need to add hash tags in your campaign just make campaign simply according to my instructions given above and below.

Examples are following :



Test a cheap Campaign on Facebook

If you just begin in promotion not yet do any promotion on social platform so first try a little campaign on Facebook and see test your results, If it’s good, then choose a large campaign, according to your budget but make sure don’t run the same ads format more than 3 months. To run a small campaign follow the steps :

  • Open your Facebook page
  • Click Promote Business button from top
  • Select “Send people to a Website”
  • Now create ads using below tips :

URL : Enter your landing page URL.

Headline : Ad title, which appear just below of your ad image, Write headline medium in length.

Text : Description of your campaign, let user see some description about your ad.

Image : Take a attractive image from photo stock listed above.

Interests : Add interest maximum as possible.

Choose a Budget

Daily budget : Note that this is your test campaign that’s why currently choose minimum amount.

Schedule : This is test so only run this add till tomorrow.


Target Popular Social Networks Paid Promotion

Now it’s time to make a social media strategy using paid promotion on most popular social networking sites on the web. Free promotion strategy on any social site not boost your traffic, but at-least give you some good result of your hard work.

Change your Promoted Post Format once in a month or week

If your brand/business is only in a single country and you are always promoting with same campaign/post so please don’t do it again & again. Not 100% users click on your promoted post, but when a user sees your ad with different format the activity of a user are always giving you a click so why to leave this opportunity.

Changing image and format of an ad campaign once in a week is a better strategy. When I change a brand promoted post format once in a week the sales is increasing like a boost because it makes a brilliant image among the users’ mind and those users suggest others to take the product / service from your brand. It’s always compulsory to keep your brand image better for users/visitors/customers mind through social platform because social media is a daily work of a human.

See what’s Trending Today and Jump in – Free of cost strategy

I know your brand/business social accounts & pages post at-least one post in a day or in a week, so before you publish social post its important to check first what’s trending today ? If your post has little connection with a trending topic, So what are you waiting for just add #hashtag or link of a trending topic and your social post jump in the trend ocean. Here are some popular social networks trending pages source :