Block Internet Ads (pop-ups, banners) in Chrome for PC/Mobile

Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
Block Internet Ads (pop-ups, banners) in Chrome for PC/Mobile

The internet was hurt many times, when talking about ads, but not at all, if you talk about big advertisement companies like Google Inc then you didn’t feel hurt with Google ads. Network advertisement is growing like a growth of internet users. Bad and unwanted ads are looks different from good and essential ad banners, bad ads are like pop-ups, redirect, virus, spam and more which may infect your device, and this is a small reason why users need to block ads.Chrome is the best internet browser, and you can block ads in chrome using chrome extensions and for mobile devices the method is different, start reading below.

Block ads in Chrome for PC

Chrome for PC, can block ads of the web an ease way. You can just install the extension AdBlock from the store and start blocking banners of all over internet sites you visit including Facebook, YouTube, Google and more. 10 million+ Google Chrome users already added this extension in our browser and some of the features of AdBlock is I found really awesome like: Don’t block Google Ads, Block Ads only on custom sites and more.

1. Install AdBlock


→ Go to Chrome Web Store> Search AdBlock> Select this from Extensions> Add to Chrome> Done.

When you search this extension, you can find some more AdBlock versions, select the version which is installed and rated more times because else are paid. Anytime you can remove/manage this extension from your chrome by right click over AdBlock icon>remove from chrome/options or visit chrome://extensions/.

2. Essential AdBlock Options/Features

  • Right click menu (If you found an Ad annoying, you can separately block that ad by right clicking on it> AdBlock> Block this ad or on this page)
  • Allow/Block ads for custom websites (From options> customize you can stop/block ads blocking on a custom site or domain)
  • Hide button and more
  • Shows how many ads are blocked on the current page

3.  Working demo


Above snapshot: I blocked 2 ads in a homepage page of YouTube! :)

Block in Chrome for Android


Google didn’t allow this app on play store because of policy, you need to install this app from an external website.AdBlock Plus app for Android can block ads not just in chrome browser, even it will block ads on your whole device including apps, games, browsers and more. If your android device is rooted, then it works easily else for non-rooted device you need to configure your WiFi signal manually to block ads. Here, are the steps for non-rooted android users with WiFi connectivity:

  • Install AdBlock for Android (if your device didn’t allow unknown source apps yet, visit settings> security> check Unknown sources)
  • Open and Click Configure> Open Wireless settings (You can also open this setting directly from settings> WiFi)
  • Hold over the signal you connected
  • Check: Advanced options
  • Set Proxy to manual
  • Input proxy and port (My Adblock Plus app tells to input Proxy hostname:  localhost and Proxy port: 2020)
  • Open chrome and start browsing any website/blog to test working or not. (Check FAQ below)

Advance WiFi settings for AdBlock Plus for Android


What kind of advertisement networks are blocked?

AdBlock blocked all good and bad Ad networks in a web page including Google. Many ad companies serve viruses, pop-ups which may infect your device and these kind of banners are mostly you found on pirated sites of songs, movies, software, cracks, porn and more.

Will manual settings in my android connectivity, affect my Internet?

No, it will just a requirement for non-rooted android devices, your internet speed will not be affected.

Why you don’t need to block Google ads?

Everyone knows Ads are annoying, but Google ads are not annoying at all. Google target users and serve ads according to him/her. For example: If you recently visit a shopping site, after you visit a blog/website that uses Google ads, you definitely see ads of the shopping site on that blog/website and also you can see the product you clicked on the shopping site.