11 Most Best and Free Facebook Theme Extensions For Chrome

Vintaytime Staff
3 years ago / Updated - February 10, 2016
11 Most Best and Free Facebook Theme Extensions For Chrome

Browser extensions can do anything in your web browser, but this time we have to customize the Facebook.com in Google chrome browser in your style whatever you like. You want a Facebook theme extension to do this, but you see there are already so many chrome extension for Facebook themes on web. The confusion is which is best to install for you. Some Facebook themes extensions only have less chosen themes and some have more, this time we also tell you a chrome extension which have custom features, let you easily customize Facebook color, background, images, custom CSS and much more in your way. Themes extensions also comes for other best internet browsers also.

1) Stylish

Stylish, lets you easily customize your Facebook and their theme in your own custom way. This extends not just change your Facebook style also you may customize any web page or custom domain/website. After installing Stylish: open chrome://extensions/ then select options from stylish or write your own style for any site. To install already written themes in one click go to the developer site: Userstyle, and select any theme from thousands of collection. Custom style is written in CSS so you want some little knowledge of CSS coding its not tough simply see any background property & color examples in W3schools. Stylish is a choice of millions of users and have great reviews in chrome store that’s why i put this extension in first.

→After installing developed themes in stylish, if your Facebook page not effecting then close the tab and re-open Facebook again or restart your browser.

2) Fabulous For Facebook


Wow! Its a another outstanding Facebook theme extension, let you customize Facebook color, font family, notification, Photo popup, media panel, Rounder, sticky pad cursor changer and much more. I really excited about this plugin for chrome.  You really didn’t believe when I install this extension for test I love this for my first impression and now I’m gonna keep this in my chrome browser. There are so many features in this chrome extension, and you don’t want to write CSS code for custom style like in Stylish. It also blocks ads.Really not a fan of this, also I highly recommend you to install this extension.

3) Facebook Themes (Facebook Theme Gallery)

This is cool. The extension installs in your browser and when you open your Facebook then its ask to go to theme store.  Theme store is a collection of free themes let you install any theme in just one click. Before installing theme it asks you to install one more extension name “FAIRSHARE” which help to install any theme from the store. This theme extension change your Facebook background and apply some cool wallpapers like abstract, animals and much more.

4) Theme Creator

Its a theme creator and you can easily customize Facebook in your style with this plugin. After installing, open Facebook and wait for 5 second till page fully loads then click the icon of this extension at the address bar and now start customizing Facebook Background, Toolbar, Sidebar & Content area. I use this and feel like simple and easy, so I highly recommend this after stylish because it not ask you install any other more extension like no. (3).

5) Facebook Theme Creator

This is same extension like Facebook Themes (Facebook Theme Gallery), you can install Facebook themes from the gallery. It asks you to install one more extension “FAIRSHARE” so if you want to install twice extensions for customizing Facebook page so I really not recommend this, but if you want to use this for test purpose like how this work then you should go for, otherwise its good.

6) Facebook Color Theme Creator

It’s only change your header & background color which looks like less for features. I doesn’t highly recommend this extension, but its cool because many people don’t want so much customization that’s why with this extension you can only change the color of background and header. After installing go to chrome://apps/ and select this plugin > Choose header and background color and you done. Now just you have to open Facebook and you can see how colors take effect. You can add this extension in bookmark bar that easily change colors without going chrome://apps/.

7) Stylish Facebook Themes

It’s an other alternative of (3) & (5) let you change your Facebook theme through theme gallery. Actually the theme gallery has much more themes that’s why publisher of theme gallery making same extensions for chrome, he only just change extension name, nothing else. As is told in (3) and (5) its also required a another extension to work and the second extension is not comes from chrome web store, that install from external resource.

8) Facebook Color Changer

This is not a great plugin like stylish but the think why I put this in #8 is quick and easy. With this extension you can change only your Facebook background color not any more objects. Simply install this extension and re-open Facebook tab to take effect > select pink Facebook icon displaying in the right hand side of the address bar and select your background color. This extension has only common colors not unique so that’s this extension not really interesting.

9) Facebook Color Changer 2

Its a another alternative of above (8) no. Extension let you easily customize Facebook header and background color. You may also drop and down this extension button from chrome: //apps/ and select extension, then drop and down button in third heading of the page.

10) My Theme For Facebook™

This theme plugin has three options in front: add background image from your computer storage, change color of the bar and opacity. According to me its a little better, but not best if you want so much customization then you should go with this plugin. To customize Facebook with this extension, you can select plugin button fixed in left side of your page.

11) Facebook™ Background Theme Changer

With this extension you may only able to change the background with the image comes with this extension. Coloring is not yet available in this extension only quickly change your background with up-to 20 patterns in one click. Its very easy and comfortable to use so you may also try this if you only want to change the background.