5 Best Free Source Code Editors For Editing HTML, CSS and JS Files

Ankit Singh (Dev)
11 months ago / Updated - November 15, 2016
5 Best Free Source Code Editors For Editing HTML, CSS and JS Files

Front-end web languages such as HTML, CSS and JS can be easily run preview on any web browser without any additional environment set up in the computer. Instead of an advanced code editor, you should use a lightweight text editor for editing HTML, JS and CSS files.

Because front-end programmers preview codes directly in a web browser, they didn’t need to preview output in the source code editor.

There are hundreds of ways to edit codes online or offline, but it’s hard to decide which code editing software is best for me as a beginner. I’m not talking about mobile or computer languages, because as a web developer or designer, I have some best code editors for web languages.

My hand-picked code editors are fully tested and available for Windows (PC), macOS and Linux platform. Other platform users should check the developer’s website.

Following are the best code editors for web languages:

1. Atom

Atom is an open-source, freeware source code editor developed by GitHub and known as a hackable text editor. With HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you can edit almost any programming language in the editor.

When you open a source code file in Atom, it automatically preview the whole directory of the source file in the editor. Atom also supports packages, lets you extend Atom’s functionality by installing thousands of packages/plugins available for Atom editor.


Instead of the default theme, Atom lets you customize the inbuilt theme with CSS or use any one from hundreds of themes already developed by the GitHub community.

Atom is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

2. Notepad++

Notepad++ is one of my favorite text or code editing software for many years. I’m really a big fan of their simplicity and lightness when I edit any source file within a few seconds. It is lighter as the default notepad available in your computer.

With Notepad++, you can edit almost any programming language including HTML, CSS and JS, and natively it supports over 50 programming languages.


Some useful features I like in Notepad++ such as syntax highlighting, auto complete codes, automatic backup unsaved files, find replace and split screen.

Notepad++ is available for Windows.

3. Brackets

Developed by Adobe systems, Bracktes is an modern, open-source web code editor with visual tools, and very focused to web designers and front-end programmers. You can write HTML, CSS and JavaScript smoother although it is built with HTML, CSS and JS.

Go to File > Live preview and preview the current source file in a web browser. Find and replace feature also support the indexing feature and allows you to find codes through source files with instant search suggestion.


Use hundreds of Brackets extensions to extend functionality of your code editor, and use themes to customize your editor.

Brackets is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

4. Visual Studio Code

Microsoft’s visual studio code (Twitter @code) is available for Windows, and also for macOS and Linux. The open source code editor includes split editor, debugging, Git, command palette and all useful features you expect in a code editing software.

Visual Studio Code

By default the editor automatically detects your programming language and enable the current language mode in the editor. The syntax highlighting feature is available for almost all major languages including HTML, CSS and JS.

Visual Studio Code supports intelligent code completion feature for HTML, CSS and JS.

5. Light Table

Released in 2012, Light Table is now one of the best, open-source IDE or code editor for Windows, macOS and Linux. It is very lightweight like Notepad++ and comes with a clean sleek design. Light Table lets you see the results of your code as you write.

light Table

You can customize and extend functionality of the code editor by installing different plugins, go to View > Plugin Manager. There are over 100 plugins available for Light Table.

Light Table has an built-in web browser that makes it easy to test HTML, CSS and JavaScript files directly in the code editor.