10 Android vs iOS Qualities Compared after you’ll find which is better

Vintaytime Staff
2 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
10 Android vs iOS Qualities Compared after you’ll find which is better

Everybody knows Google’s Android already takes market share between 80%-95%, and on the other hand, Apple’s iOS still aren’t taking half of android market. There are so many reasons why many people love android, but here our question is which is best, if we compare both at high tech level?. We can’t say here, which is the winner, but below we compare some qualities, features and so many things of these operating systems after which you’ll better find which is best. Not every person loves android, after using iOS devices some people also said once anyone use iOS device, nobody want’s to use android again, that’s why we can’t say 100%, which is better it depends to your needs, daily life and all to you.

android-24X24ANDROID apple-24X24iOS
1.4M+ Apps 1.3M+ Apps
Custom features Official features
Independent support Official support
Full Freedom Freedom Limited
Tech impression Rich impression
System Upgrade Limited System upgrade anytime
Billions of Active devices Millions of Active devices
Customize security High security
Easy data management, custom storage Tough data management, no flash storage
More battery consumption Less battery consumption


At Google play store, the apps you see there, are all made for Android devices including android wear, TV and more. Standard of Android apps is much higher than iOS apps because your every needs for your smartphone will not complete without android apps. For every specific category google play store gives us more than 100+ best apps results for the topic for ex. If you want some android music player apps, so just explore music category, and play store will give you up to 100+ apps results on screen and most are free. According to the source on web, we found that google play store apps directory, increasing by 20-30% every year and found on today’s time play store serve up to 1.4+ million apps to a Android users.

On other hand iOS apps, iTunes store  are not increased like a google play store every year, but after the launch of iPhone 6 and some new apple devices, iTunes app store has increased over 47% and touch 1million+ target that makes the iTunes store a little behind than Googe play store. If we talk about developers than android will never behind, new businesses of today’s time will first target to develop android apps for our company, but the all 3 major smartphone platform Android, iOS & Windows Phone is plays a good role for a successful business.

Android wins the game if you compare free apps on google play store with free apps on the iTunes store because as an overview we can see android useful, best & top apps are mostly all for free, but in iTunes  useful, best & top apps are most are paid, which also comes out as a major cause why iOS still behind android. You can download android apps without google play store from thousands of resources available on the web which is the second major reason why techies loves android.


If you compare features as a standard, then this time iOS devices features standard is higher than android devices. All features come with an iOS device are official, no one can easily customize apple devices features our self. Some major features of apple iOS devices like Spotlight SearchSiri, Reply to a message from lock screen, camera quality, rich interface, Apple pay and more makes and iOS device brilliant. Using iOS device is not complicated, every feature is clean & clear which is the major reason why people loves iOS devices.

Android features are based on their apps. If you uninstall all apps from an android device and then compare with the iPhone then, apple goes win. Google gives us all essential features, which is required for our daily life. Android tries to cover all possible things you can do with your smartphone without wasting time. You can see List of features in Android & Android software development and say that your device can do whatever you think, which is called custom features.

Battery Life

Android devices come with both removable and non-removable batteries. Saving battery power on any smartphone platform always has some common ways like less brightness, wireless functions usage and more, but these things only save some of power, what about boosting android battery life ?. Depending on android device manufacturer quality, you can boost battery life but some manufacturer not give good batteries with android, this mostly happens with cheap android devices. The reason why some people say android suck more battery life is only for running more no. of apps in the background, android apps are cool, useful and entertaining, that’s why the user didn’t take control over hands and install maximum apps possibly comes in device.

Apple serves non-removable battery with iOS devices that is a another good reason why iOS device has his own class. Like android you can also save battery life on iOS using some apps like Battery doctor, Battery power and more or changing some settings. Apple officially gives solution to Maximize iOS battery performance and boost the battery life. There is no third party batteries exist on IOS devices that’s why battery life works great after tying some power saving tips.


With an Android device you can do whatever you want, or whatever you think. Customization only possible with some cool apps on google play store for ex. Launchers, tools and more. The freedom of droid platform is more open when we use more google products like drive, mail, maps, YouTube, and more. You can also use all these apps on iOS device, but in droid all these things come officially with android device.

On iOS platform you’re not independent to do anything like an android for ex. Multitasking like droid, transferring data from iOS device to another platform device, not insert the SD card and more. Apple wants everything run officially on iOS device that is the only reason why you don’t have freedom. If you jailbreak your device then you’re independent, but still some things are not possible.


Apple devices have his own high class impression that’s why most of the celebrity only use iPhone’s & iPad. Body of iPhone’s is built with designs that people really loved. On you hand, the iPhone feels smooth, continuous form & rich. Every material, element, including aluminium and stainless steel give us a truly Precious impression more than a jewelry.

Techies love droid devices only for his freedom. Impression over droid is common, because in a crowd you can’t say anything unique for your android device, most of of the peoples carry android not apple.

System upgrades

System upgrade only possible if your manufacturer gives the ability to your android device, else it’s not possible. Some of the companies give upgrade ability till limited version for ex. Only till lollipop (when a new version launched you can’t upgrade to it).

This side, apple gives you full control over system upgrade and serve you to upgrade your device software anytime as iOS has a new version. You only need a data connection and if internet mistakenly disconnects, your upgrade goes resume next time from that place.


According to market share, Android is 3X  more popular than iOS devices. The reason why android popular is comes with cheap price, full control, easy customization, more apps. Android devices are useful for multipurpose that’s why some of the people takes android devices for work/business purpose also.

Apple iOS devices are popular and everyone knows about the apple, but the problem is, it doesn’t come in cheap price like an android(this line not for united state folks). Celebrities & Stars love iPhone’s & iPad’s that makes apple devices more popular.


Apple was really good for support. If you are currently using any iOS device you definitely know the problems,errors & bugs are all like invisible. But still if your iOS device are persisting any type of problem which you can’t resolve so try the official iOS support, where you find all possible solutions for your device.

Android support was independent, and there are up to millions of resources found on the web where you get the solution with just a google search. Google also gives official Android OS help resource, but it’s useful if you’re using Nexus devices, for the other manufacturer support you should simply google it.


Apple is very strict against security for users. No one can easily bypass any passcode like you previously do in android pattern hard reset keys. For business, apple also thinks about and gives us a high security interface where no one can easily whole in it. Some of the iOS business security you have to see comes with an iPhone and other Apple devices.

The Android OS is completely independent, there are lot’s of tricks, tips found on the web you can use it to unlock or bypass any security of any android device. If you hire an android developer for your business/work/office, then your security will improve that no one can unlock your encryption.

Storage & Data Management

Apple gives internal fixed storage with iOS devices, no more SD card and any other external storage exist in iOS devices. If you want to transfer data from another device instead of apple, then it’s gonna little tough for you. You can’t transfer/manage data like a freedom, from your computer. iTunes required on your computer to manage/transfer data or use some Computer to iPhone data transfer tools.

Android is completely open for read & write from any computer and also you can insert SD cards, external storage based to your device manufacturer. Data management in android device is much easier than iOS device or you can transfer/manage data by closing your eyes.