How to become a Google News Publisher in less than a week

Ankit Singh (Dev)
3 years ago / Updated - April 30, 2016
How to become a Google News Publisher in less than a week

Google news is one of the most popular news aggregate over the web and its global. It’s a product by Google and anyone can easily trust the company by closing eyes. People read news on and also news results appear in search results, which is the most important thing to get a flood of readers. There are almost all web media companies appear in Google news including websites, blog and more, and those publish pages in every minute/hour/day. It is your’s editor’s responsibility to timely post news articles on your company’s website and avoid posting spam/false news otherwise google didn’t take time to take action.

Quality of news

Google strongly recommends to post timely and quality news so that readers didn’t get any problem. If your content is like How-to, Job posting, Promotional then leave this page and forget Google news. If the editor has a good standard for journalism, you will rank better in news shown on search results. There is no need to write lengthy articles that give you news ranking benefit, but make sure to publish at-least 200-500 words. Define your topic like a newspaper. Editors can also add media contents like images, videos to better get ranking benefits. A bad editor can break readers’ experience just like below example:


Still, if you want to add some different content like Jobs, Promotional Products then don’t merge with news content, you can make them separate by blocking directory for Googlebot-News, Making sub-domain and more.

You can also make use of the keywords tag to help Google better understand your content and think about optimization.


For news publishers, Google has a program that auto detects your article formatting and inform to the news team. Here are the formatting guidelines, your developer should know:

Permalink – The structure of URLs should be very unique and if possible try to add the digits in URLs like or related. Don’t be straight like if you’re running a news network. Also, make sure your URLs are permanent

Understanding – The way you style your text, please be careful because stylish font families broke user experience. It’s good to use safe web fonts on your HTML page.

Be updated on every 48 hours

This is the most important factor I was tracking from long time to grow on the web as a media company. What is news? The information that helps readers to know about the world or A documentary to read and learn something from them. Google wants you to update a public post on every 48 hours to keep maintain your news company image. Today’s popular media companies publish more than 20-30 articles in 48 hours.

Add Social Media (optional)

I found when adding social meta tags to the web page’s head, it becomes powerful and your page got ranking benefits in organic as well as in news. This is optional. Adding, sharing buttons to your news content will also help grow your content.

Google News sitemap

I highly recommend to generate a news sitemap and submit to google webmaster tools. A news sitemap helps Google to crawl your news content better, faster as you publish and display timely in google news and search. If you want to create news sitemap now, here is a formatting and here’s WordPress Plugin. Before submitting to the webmaster, make sure your sitemap start updating contents timely to your site approved.

Editor’s standard and Bio (optimization)

Your staff editors should have enough information on the topic he/she was writing and a simple way you show editor’s journalism is by adding a little bio just below of the article. You can also make separate profile pages. Google also knows that how popular the editor is on the web, but it didn’t mean for you and your website.

News topic

It’s good to publish pages according to your site environment like Tech news at If you want to show yourself as a big media company on the web, then better prepare your index page by listing different topics, sliders, videos and more and be big by expanding your editing staff. Category pages don’t appear in Google news, it only displays in organic search results. Popular topics on today’s web are like Technology, Social Media, Entertainment and if you’re writing on these topics, please be unique and don’t try to copy.

Don’t mix promotional content with news

Google already suggests news publishers to show more ad banners on their site, but don’t mix it with news content. Ad banners help publishers grow financially, and if you’re partnered with multiple ad networks then mention the name of the network above banners.

Don’t old and be unique (optimization)

Don’t bore your readers, publish a fresh and latest content that makes user attention to your site. It’s good for optimization and even your pages are ranked well in organic search results. If you just hear any news from a source, simply write the content to your website and make sure you’re not copying, be unique in Title, Keywords.

International targeting

Before publishing international you should think about the google news edition. Google serves users to read all country news by changing edition from drop menu. Every edition display news, according to the country’s popular publishers. Keywords in title are the most important part to show your news in multiple country editions and it’s helped grow your site all over the world. If you already popular in your nation, and want to target different nation, then make your media companies’ editions just like Huffington Post and Huffington Post India.


Submitting news site to review

Now you are in the final step, please do follow all the guidelines from here to get your site approval within 7-10 days.

To submit your site to Google News:

  1. Go to the News Publish Center Dashboard.
  2. Log-in with your Google account(use the account from which you use webmaster tools).
  3. Choose the site you want to appear in Google news and click inclusion button.
  4. Confirm or edit your news site details.
  5. Wait for an email by Google News Team.
  6. Go update your site and start publishing news contents even you’re not in Google news.